Call to Action from the National Director

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Mission: To assist the Marine Corps League and affiliated Marine support organizations in raising funds for their causes. To provide money for charitable causes, and employment for military veterans and their families.

How We help: We help generate funds by developing customized, turn-key fundraising programs.


News Release: Fred Davidson appointed National Fundraising Coordinator!

Mobile Alabama Aug.17, 2012

At the Marine Corps League’s national convention in Mobile Alabama the National Director of the Marines Helping Marines Program, Ron Short, appointed Fred Davidson as the National Fundraising Coordinator.

Fred is Viet Nam veteran and a member of the South Coast Detachment #222 in San Clemente California. He has over 30 years' experience raising money for many nonprofit organizations and will be a welcomed member of our team.

We need all the help we can get making sure our wounded Marines are given the needed help they deserve!


Dear Detachments:
As Director of the Marine Corps League’s Marines Helping Marines project, I am always looking for ways to raise money…..

Marine Corps

Marines Helping Marines has formulated an outstanding lip balm, Medic’s Choice exclusively for the Marine Corps League. Medic’s Choice is made from all natural ingredients including sun screen. This all natural formula lasts longer. It protects, heals and moisturizes lips better than any product on the market ……...…..

Ron Short
Marines Helping Marines
National Director


Bob Becker, past National Commandant

“This is a fantastic program, every detachment should get involved. Not only did we show a one day profit of $700.00 but it is a great recruitment tool. The Medic’s Choice lip balm display is great advertising for our Marine Corps League which has already helped sign up new members.”

Art Blenk of the Grand Strand detachment

“We showed a profit of over $900.00 in our first weekend. The people who are using Medic’s Choice lip balm have come back and bought more saying it is the best lip balm they have ever used.”

Taro Thomas of Shorecliff Golf Course.

“Since putting in a Medic’s Choice lip balm display our sales have tripled. In fact we don’t carry any other brand. Our golfers tell me it really works because they only have to apply Medic’s Choice once during a round of golf, where with other brands they would have to reapply it several times.”


Lip balm is a $6 billion per year industry and all businesses rely on some military personal as customers. Your detachment has three ways to raise funds for local projects:

  • Wholesale to Retailer: Jars are sold by MCL members to a business at wholesale prices.
  • Restock Retailer: Refilling the displays gives you a constant flow of funds and provides an excellent opportunity build relationships.
  • Direct Sales: Offer Medic’s Choice at your fundraisers! Just put out a display with a donation jar and you will be surprised on how many $5, $10 even $20 bills you will get!


Medic’s Choice contains NO harmful ingredients commonly found in cheaper, petroleum based products like most versions of Chap Stick which have been banned in the European Union due to a strong link to some cancers.

Medic’s Choice

Medic's Choice Lip Balm is 100% Natural with NO additives, preservatives, or harmful petroleum based products.

Medic's Choice Lip Balm will help you earn funds for your detachment. Get started today!